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The Rural Imagery Program for New Mexico was devised by Blue Skies Consulting for the purpose of offering high resolution aerial photography to small communities at an affordable price. This enables smaller communities with tighter budgets to obtain imagery of their jurisdiction. The 4-band imagery is acquired with our UltraCam LP digital aerial camera at a 15cm GSD (Ground Sample Distance) and includes GPS and IMU data for direct georeferencing. The imagery can be used for mapping in stereo coverage, and it is suitable for orthophoto production.


Digital imagery is economical to capture when mobilization costs are shared with other projects. Therefore, the RIP imagery is acquired while transiting to and from other paying projects. The trade off for the RIP cost savings is that there is no set acquisition schedule.


Blue Skies is currently taking requests for priority acquisition state-wide throughout New Mexico.


Please contact us to learn more about the Rural Imagery Program by calling 505-864-3700, or use our contact form by clicking here.






























Base Cost

Single image, copyright protected


Add georefrencing


Add orthorectification (fast and cheap)


Pay with credit card, purchase order, etc.

Cost Examples

Small town with a single flight line of imagery (e.g., Corona, NM)


Medium town with two flight lines of imagery (e.g., Artesia, NM)


Large town with four flight lines of imagery (e.g., Belen, NM)


Dataset orthorectification pricing on multiple image jobs depends on specifications.


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