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28 APRIL 2011

Senator Udall Office Visit

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Mike Racine (left), explains the USDA project to Belen Mayor Rudy Jaramillo; Senator Udall; and Sarah Cobb, a field representative for Senator Udall.

Senator Udall listens to Mike Racine talk about the everyday operations of the flight crew.

Mike Racine, pilot, explains to the Senator how the flight crew operates, while Emily Wheelock stands by to explain her camera operator duties. In the background, Andrew DiCamillo of Belen City Planning and Economic Development and Steve Scharf of Blue Skies watch. Senator Udall asked very good questions!

Tami Wiggins, CEO of Blue Skies, describes the film annotation technique to Senator Udall, using a roll of film on the light table to demonstrate.

In the Blue Skies conference room, Mike Racine leads a discussion about airport issues, economic development and small businesses. Clockwise from Mike: Senator Udall; Mayor Jaramillo; Emily Wheelock; Steve Scharf (standing); Robert Uecker, airport manager; Lucy Baca, Belen city manager; a Udall staffer (standing); Andrew DiCamillo; Sarah Cobb; Terry Bruner, State Director for New Mexico Rural Development at USDA; Brent Ruffner, Valencia County News-Bulletin

In the Blue Skies conference room, New Mexico State Senator Michael Sanchez, Senator Udall, and Mayor Jaramillo have a moment of levity.


Mike Racine thanks the Senator for visiting!


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